My name is Simo Tolvanen. I'm a freelancer photographer from Finland. 
I love to capture moments and to work with people. My mission is very simple: to tell stories with beautiful photographs.

I am looking forward to working with inspiring people and brands. Feel free to contact me on anything related to photography.
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How I got into photography

My first real touch with photography was in early 2010 when I promised to photograph an event for my school. I had no camera or any knowledge about photography. 
I was maybe a little arrogant at the time, but to me this situation was not a problem at all. I ended up purchasing myself the cheapest DSLR available at the time. It was a Canon 1000D with 18-55 kit lens.

The following weeks were a school of hard knocks. On the D-day I had just the basic knowledge with me and I managed to capture the event very well - or that is what I thought at the time. By looking these photos now, I can tell I was so wrong.

Ever since this event I have been very ambitious about photography - Good is not enough, I do my very best every time and I am always looking for new ways to get better.